NME (23/11/68) GUN

Which makes its NME chart debut this week, signed to agency deal with Nems Enterprises.

NME (23/11/68) – Gun in!

No one is more delighted then I that the Essex trio of drummer Louis Farrell and brothers Paul and Adrian Curtis have made the charts for the first time this week as the Gun with "Race With The Devil".

The first time I heard the Gun was as the opening act on Scott Walker’s recent tour. "Good try but not very together," I thought. Approximately three weeks later I heard their single and thought it the most promising thing since the Cream.

At a recent press reception I spoke to CBS producer Johnny B. Good (Johnny B Great from the times he used to back Scott Walker on organ), who cut the record with the boys.

I agreed with him that it was a hit single but needed some fast promotion to crack the market. Three days later in the Shaftesbury "Avenue" bar, HQ of the Musical Press, I was approached by their manager Peter Chipperfield (Chips to friends), who introduced me to a straggly, ginger moustachioed character. It proved to be bass guitarist Paul Curtis.

"First of all I’d like to apologize for our performance on the first night of the Scott Walker tour nothing went right" said Paul. "We didn’t really get it together until a few days later. I actually suggested the title of the number to my brother Adrian. I told him I was going to write a song called ‘Race With The Devil.’ A few days later he said, listen to this, and there was my song."

(Keith Altham)


Gun’s debut tour of America – due to have opened this week – has been postponed until early April. Reason for the delay is that it had been planned to issue the group’s first album to coincide with the U.S. visit. But owing to a hitch in the completion of the tapes, the LP will not now be ready until next month. The U.S. trip is now off until the album is consequently available. CBS plans mid March release for the LP titled simply "Gun," in both Britain and America. Newly booked one nighters for the group are Dagenham Roundhouse (16/2/69) and London Marquee (19/2/69).

NME (23/11/68) –Herman, Foundations, Fare, the Gun, Cupid on Radio 1

Herman’s Hermits, the Foundation, Cupid’s Inspirations and Vanity Fare head an impressive line up assembled for Radio 1’s "David Symonds Show" throughout the week beginning Monday, December 2.

Also appearing during the same period are Wayne Fontana, Peter Sarsted, Tony Rivers and the Castaways, Idle Race, the Bunch and the Gun.