Louie Farrell

taken from NME (4/1/69) and Disc and Music Echo (7/12/68)


Real Name Brian John Farrell, Louie is just a sort of nom de plume.
Born December 8, 1947, near Ilford
Parents names Leslie/Farrell
Brothers None
Instrument Played Drums
Height 5ft. 6in.
Weight 9 stone 10lb
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Present Home I live with my father near Ilford. I’m an only child.
Education Just School, Mayfield, Ilford.
Previous Jobs I left school when I was 16 and did nothing – I went straight into groups. Paul was playing with the Knack so when their drummer left I joined and then we become the Gun.
First Amateur Performance Rising Sun Pub
First Professional Appearance Can’t Remember
Biggest Break in Career Record "Race With The Devil"
Biggest Influence on career Knack (pop group)
Marriage I haven’t any ideas on marriage yet-I’m not keen on the idea for a while. I’d like to settle down with a nice wife and little children one day, but not until I can afford it.
Religion That’s one thing I never discuss.
Politics And that’s the other
Hobbies Drinking and Driving (not at the same time though)
Favorite colour Black
Favorite Group Beatles
Favorite Clothes Belts
Favorite Food/Drink Scotch and Egg and Chips
Favorite Group Doors
Miscellaneous dislikes Filling in forms
Miscellaneous likes The Lift at NEMS
Best Friend Me
Pets Two Cats
Professional Ambition Successful records
Other Interests Driving-I drive a Humber Hawk at the moment, but I expect I’ll change it.
Pop Scene That’s a difficult question really. There’s good things happening and a lot of good underground groups.
Ambition To retire to the country and get a lovely house with a lake and big grounds and lawns and things
TV debut Late Night Line-up
Radio Debut Top Gear
Current hit Race With The Devil
Present disc label CBS
Recording Manager John Goodison
Personal Managers Jim Parsons and Peter Chipperfield
Musical Director Gun
Present Home Ilford, Essex
Musical Education’s None
Road Manager John Hammel