Fabulous 208 (7/1/69) TODAY’S GUN DAY

I’ve just about recovered from my day with Gun. What a time we all had and the boys were really great. They are not false at all, acted completely naturally.

Really made me feel at home. But don’t just take my word, have a look for yourself and see how they got on

(Julie Webb)

12.00 and I meet Louie arriving at the Curtis home to wake the boys up!

Ring both doorbells  that should wake someone up!

A couple of sleeping beauties, but Louie is going to put a stop to that! Up like the lark they should be, so he gives them a shake.

Ten past twelve already. And Adrian is now awake and, surprisingly, dressed as well.

Nothing like cold water to wake you up in the mornings. Paul takes a cautious look in the mirror!

What a way to have breakfast! Louie has some food with the boys whilst the two dogs Kim and Rupert wait for some tit bits.

Time for a quick jam session before the long trek to London begins.

We all leave the house and brave the elements outside. Ahead of them is London and interviews and meetings. But now they prepare to get into the Hillman Imp.

Long distance calls to magazines, they all take their fair share in the work!

A quick spin in the car to Carnaby Street where the boys have a look in Take 6. What a shop!

Final stop for the day is Ronnie Scott’s Club where the boys finalize arrangements with their co manager ‘Chips’!

Fabulous 208 (14/1/69) How Superstitious are you?

Louis Farrell

Do you have a mascot, a talisman? Yes 3

No 0

Yes I wear ring that hasn’t been off my finger for five years. 3
Would you mind being the third person taking a light from the same match? Yes 4

No 0

A Little 2

Yes, I wouldn’t go near the third light. 4
Would you go on a journey on the 13th? Not on your life 7

Only if absolutely vital 4

Without hesitation 0

Only if absolutely vital 4
Do you touch wood when you speak of your luck? Always 6

Sometimes 3

Never 0

Yes 6
Have you got a lucky color, which you insist, on wearing on important occasions? Yes 3

No 0

Black 3
If you walk under a ladder without noticing it, does it worry you? Yes 4

For a sec. 2

Not at all 0

Yes. I run for the nearest packet of salt and throw some over my shoulder. 4
Do you wish upon a shooting star?

If you do, does your wish come true?

Yes 3

No 0

Always 5

Sometimes 2

Never 1

No 0
They say opals bring bad luck. Is that so? Yes 6

No 0

No 0
Have you had your hand, your cards, or tealeaves read in the last six months? Yes 3

No 0

Only for fun 2

No, not in the past six months, but if I did and the person reading my hand was genuine I’d take it seriously. 0
Let’s assume a friend gave you a ring and you lost it.

Would you think the friendship would break?

Your friend didn’t like you anymore?

You don’t like your friend anymore?

It was just an accident?


Yes 8


Yes 8

Yes 4

Yes 0

Just an accident. 0
If you broke your mirror and had a date cancelled on the same day would you think these two events were linked?

Just a coincidence?

Bad luck for seven years



Yes 5

Yes 0

Yes 7

I’d think they were linked. 5
For artists, professional or amateur, ONLY

It’s said that a dress rehearsal must be chaos in order to have a smash at the first night. Do you agree?

Yes 6

No 0

No, but I do believe that to give a good performance I must have butterflies before I go on stage. 0
TOTAL     29

If you total 13 to 40, like Vivian of Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band and Louis Farrell of Gun, you have a nice open mind.