Adrian Gurvitz / Curtis

taken from NME (4/1/69) and Disc and Music Echo (7/12/68)


Real Name Adrian Gurvitz.
Born June 26, 1949, in Stoke Newington
Instrument Played Lead Guitar
Height 6ft. 1in.
Weight 12 stone
Eyes Blue
Hair Fair
Parents names Samuel/Marie
Brothers Paul
Present Home With my brother Paul at home in Ilford.
Where Educated Gearies Secondary Modern
Education I never really went to school. I always played truant. I was supposed to leave when I was 15 but I played truant for the last six months so I never went back.
Previous Jobs I went into a music shop when I left school to demonstrate musical instruments. I was with Screaming Lord Sutch for a bit and then I backed Billie Davis and Crispian St. Peters. Then I went into the Gun with my brother.
Musical Education I first picked up a guitar when I was about seven and I played all through my school life-that’s why I never really concentrated on school.
Marriage Not yet. I’ve got girlfriend though.
Religion Jewish
Politics It’s in a mess.
Favorite Group Beatles / Moby Grape
Favorite Food/Drink Bloody Mary and I don’t like pies of mushed up food. I like my food to look neat.
Favorite color Blue
Favorite Food Not Fussy
Favorite Clothes Casual
Favorite Actor/Actress Marlon Brando
Pop Scene I think kids are getting more wise to music now than they were. They’re beginning to appreciate good stuff and they know what’s good and bad.
Instruments Played Organ, Lead Guitar, Bass, Piano
Age Entered Show Business 14
First Amateur Performance Can’t remember
First Professional Appearance Dustbin with Crispian St Peter’s
Biggest Break in Career Meeting our Manager
Compositions Race With The Devil, Sunshine, Rat Race, Take Off.
Biggest Influence on career None
Hobbies Snooker
Car Imp
Miscellaneous dislikes Loud People
Miscellaneous likes Playing my guitar
Best Friend Michael Zake
Most Thrilling experience Getting from south of France to Ilford on 5 Francs
Pets Two Dogs
Personal ambition To stop having my photo taken
Professional Ambition No 1 disc
TV debut Late Night Line-up
Radio Debut Top Gear
Current hit Race With The Devil
Present disc label CBS
Recording Manager John Goodison
Personal Managers Jim Parsons and Peter Chipperfield
Musical Director Gun
Present Home Ilford, Essex
Musical Education’s None
Road Manager John Hammel