11/01/2013 Updated Schedule with further sourced items, and link to new video of Race on the 'Singles' page
25/02/2012 Rarities CD "Reloaded" available from here
08/03/2008 Three Early Gun tracks, featured on 'SHAPES AND SOUNDS VOLUME 2' - Shades of deepest purple from the BBC archives 1967 - 1971, purchase here, excerpt from link:

 "Pride of place on this second edition arguably goes to the Gun, with three astonishing performances that were recorded nearly a year before 'Race With The Devil' which illustrate their late '67 menu of mod and psych pop, with cracking versions of Rupert's People's 'Hold On', Paul Simon's 'A Most Peculiar Man' and a quite splendid airing of their legendary 'Light On The Wall'!"

27/10/2007 Updated link to Gun Video performing Race With The Devil  on the Beat Club Here
30/12/2006 After some investigation about Hendrix performing "Race With The Devil" at the IOW in 1970 which was found here I have found evidence that Jimi was including the song in the set list's around that time as is evident from track listings for two gigs either side of the IOW gig one being the 2nd show at  Haleakala Crater, Rainbow Bridge, Near Seabury Hall, Island Of Maui , Hawaii, U.S.A. on the 30 July 1970. and the other being  Stora Scenen, Grona lund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm, Sweden on the 31 August 1970. This information was taken from the discography section here
05/11/2006 Added you tube video to singles page of the Gun performing Race with The Devil on the Beat club
25/06/2006 Found this on Wikipedia : "Jimi Hendrix performed the song (Race With The Devil) at the Isle of Wight concert in 1970, but no recordings appear to exist."
05/11/2005 Updated Guestbook, to stop the spammers, just have to wait a see.............
23/07/2005 New single added, I managed to find via the internet, still after that elusive Race with 3 4 in the middle on B side (does it actually exist)
20/11/2004 Couple of new links on links page
07/06/2004 New Three Man Army album released contains unreleased studio tracks check here
15/05/2004 Refreshed links page due to dead links
14/12/2003 New entries on the schedule page.

Welcome to the new look, after some lengthy negotiations we have now been able to reinstate the communications channel between Planet Alien and Planet Earth. A big thanks to flight commander Rob Reid for all his help! I shall still be including a little tribute to my Dad's band from the sixties called 'The Gun' who had a hit with 'Race With The Devil' (see the links below for this area) Links will appear soon on the left with my interests and a bit about me.

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